Pete and Ginger come to visit!

John’s parents, Pete and Ginger, drove out to visit us this weekend. We headed to RT’s for a great meal Friday night. I had another bowl of that she-crab soup that I love so much, and the seafood in parchment. It was delicious!

Saturday, we metro’d down to the Botanical Gardens, then toured the rotunda of the Capitol. (P.S., when you get tickets for a tour of the Capitol, be warned that all you get to see for all of your standing in line with a bunch of high schoolers is a tour of the rotunda and the statue room.) After that, we went to the Natural History Museum so Pete could have his photo taken as a Neanderthal. For dinner, we grilled up some yummy steaks back at the apartment and just relaxed.

Sunday morning, John and I got in some Hebrew studying, then the four of us drove down to the outlet mall in Leesburg to do a bit of shopping. We had a great Mexican dinner after we got back to Falls Church.

Click to see more photos from their visit (including Pete as a Neanderthal).

Wednesday night, we took our friend Justin out to Harry’s for a good-bye dinner before he leaves for Bahgdad. A mutual friend, Billy, came with us and entertained us with stories from his time in Jerusalem, his current post. We served in Juarez with Justin, and are sad to see him go.

Thursday was a fun happy hour for my good friend Cathy, who passed her French test this week and is off to Africa.

This week in area studies, we had a fascinating three-hour lecture on Jordan. On Friday in Hebrew, we had a little party to celebrate one of the Jewish holidays. I was supposed to bring kosher cheese dip, but had to make do with kosher guacamole instead. Oh well.

At happy hour with Cathy

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