Big week


At the wedding

Wow, we had a lot going on this week!

The big event was the wedding Saturday night for our friends Sarah and Aaron. They were in our A-100 class and were two of our favorite folks, so we were quite happy when Aaron proposed to Sarah.

The wedding was gorgeous – outdoors at a vineyard about 2.5 hours from here. There was a reception afterwards, followed by dinner and lots of dancing – we had a blast! John and I drove down on Saturday afternoon, and spent the night after the wedding in Charlottesville. Click here for more wedding photos.

On the way home, we stopped at a good used book store in Manassas, so John was a happy camper.

Last Monday night, I took Cathy to Harry’s for a farewell dinner. I already miss seeing her at lunch everyday!

Tuesday was book club at a local coffee shop. After that, we metro’d downtown to see two other A-100 classmates who got married and are back in DC visiting from India.

Thursday night we drove downtown for a going-away BBQ for our good friend Jim – he is off to Jarkarta. We’ll sure miss him – another one of our favorites from A-100. Click for photos from the BBQ.

Friday our Hebrew class took a field trip to the National Portrait Gallery – we had to give mini-presentations in Hebrew about the U.S. Presidents. It was a good (but hard) exercise, and it was fun to see the exhibit of the presidential portraits. John and I ended the day with wine and oysters at Clyde’s across the street.

This morning, my friend Jane took me kayaking on the Potomac – it was wonderful! We met early and spent over three hours leisurely going down the river. We saw turtles, birds, baby ducks and a snake – it was hard to believe that we were in the middle of such a big city. And in the distance, we could see the Washington Monument, just beyond the Key Bridge. A great way to end the holiday weekend! Click for more photos.

When I got home, John had big news for me – he had just read an email telling him that he had received a Superior Honor Award from the Consulate in Ciudad Juarez! I’m so proud of him! A few weeks ago, I learned that I got a Meritorious Honor Award, but his is even better – he rocks!

Kayaking on the Potomac

John with Dave at the wedding










With Jim at the wedding

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