New digs

Rooftop party

The big news this week is that John and I moved into a new apartment, just down the hall from our old apartment. It’s newly renovated and so nice. It was kind of a pain to move, but it was worth it. We also have a washer/dryer in the apartment now, which is a big improvement from having to go down the hall to do laundry. TFran, Miguel and Pam have all made stops by to see it and say hello.

Thursday night we went to Dupont Circle for a couple of going away happy hours – one for Dean, who is going to be the Consul General in Juarez, and another for our Hebrew-speaking friend Liz, who is leaving for Jerusalem. It’s kind of odd, because out of our A-100 class there will be five of us in Israel.

Our teacher was doing tests Thursday and Friday, so John and I were mostly left to our own devices during class, but we made good use of the time. Speaking of tests, John did a Hebrew progress test this week and made a good score, so he should be on track to pass (just before Labor Day).

John is at a magic workshop in Maryland this weekend (it’s close enough to come home at night). He’s having a blast with all of his mentors and friends from around the country.

Last night, I went to a fun party on the rooftop of a cool building with a beautiful view of the Capitol in the distance. The party was given by a friend from A-100; he and his wife cooked up Brazilian food, which was delicious. It was a gorgeous evening, no humidity and perfect temperature.










John and Kellee












Dupont Circle

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