Sweet Sixteen

John and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary on the 24th! It really doesn’t seem like we have been married that long. Hopefully we will be in the same country on our seventeenth!

Last Monday was a holiday, and I enjoyed not working. I ran up to the vet’s office to pick up some hypoallergenic food for Flavia, just to see if it might improve her skin condition.

Monday night, I went to the Thai restaurant with Howie, Petit and Mike – Howie and Petit just got back from a three-week trip to South Africa that sounded amazing.

Last night I went to a fun going-away party for co-worker Jason, who is heading back to DC.

A bright sunny morning here in Tel Aviv has grown cloudy and rainy over the last hour – luckily I don’t have anything that I just have to do today!

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