Auntie Em!

Crippen Family 2012

This photo was taken while John was in Mountain Home for the Presidents’ Day weekend – everyone looks healthy and happy – wish I could have been there!

The weather here in Tel Aviv has been crazy this week. One day I went out for lunch with my two co-workers, Juan and Jacob, and thought I might blow away! The wind coming off the ocean has been gale-force! Coupled with chilly temps and rain, it’s not been enjoyable – it was even snowing in Jerusalem this week!

The weather has been so unpleasant that our group ended up canceling our weekend trip to the Dead Sea; somehow the thought of camping in a Bedouin tent lost its appeal in this cold damp weather!

Not much of note happened this week. I did see this interesting TED talk about introverts. I’ve always scored right in the middle between being an introvert and an extrovert on tests that measure such things, but the older I get, the more I think I am an introvert…the more I want to stay home instead of going out to parties (like tonight). Or am I just lazy? Click for a very interesting (and short) talk by Susan Cain on the power of introverts.

I’ve also started subscribing to this blog and always find it thought-provoking – especially this entry┬áthat I saw this week.

And as long as we are linking…here is one more. I am helping plan our Consular Leadership Day. One element of the day will be this video. It’s a talk by an Israeli man who mountain bikes for a hobby. He convinced a local juvenile detention center to let him take some of the boys out for bike rides. The story is ┬ávery moving, and has some beautiful photography taken in Israel. Click here to hear his story.

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