One night in Bangkok

Actually, a couple of nights in Bangkok – John and I flew out of Islamabad Friday night and came here for a couple of days for a little get-away. We had a nice flight over – our good friend Michael was on our flight, so we all hung out together in the lounge waiting for our flight.

We’re staying in a nice little boutique hotel around the corner from the Four Seasons. Unfortunately, I got sick promptly upon arrival, so we didn’t get out of the room at all yesterday. I’m still moving slowly today, but we sat out by the gorgeous pool for a while, and I napped while John got a massage. Afterwards, we walked over to the mall to see “Argo,” an excellent new movie about the Iran hostage crisis. After a stop at the hotel cafe for a banana smoothie for me and a glass of wine for John, we’ve called it a night.

Getting through the Islamabad airport was nuts – luckily the Embassy provides us with a driver and an expediter to get us through the crowds. Evidently this is the time of year when many Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca, so the airport was jam-packed.

At the Islamabad airport










Last Sunday we spent the afternoon and sunset on Jim and Kellee’s rooftop for drinks. The weather is cooling off, and the evenings are quite pleasant. The next morning, Kellee and I met up at Nirvana for manicures, then had lunch outside at their cafe – a nice way to pass the Columbus Day holiday.

After that, Scott and Laura came to get me and we went rug-shopping – fun! We sat and sipped tea while the proprietor showed us dozens and dozens of rugs. I brought one home on trial that I really like – and Flavia loves it! She immediately starting rolling around on it and marking it – I just it’s ours now! She didn’t deign to let me show her acting silly in this photo (and the flash makes the rug look bright orange, but it’s very muted and beautiful).

Flavie on the new rug










Wednesday afternoon, John and I had drinks at the club with Doug, John’s former boss who was visiting from Karachi. Good to get caught up with him.



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