A well-deserved break in Bangkok













Our mini-vacation in Bangkok was just what the doctor ordered, especially for John. John arrived in Pakistan back in April, and had not really had a break since then, so it was great to get away, if only for the weekend.

Our last day there, we took a taxi over to the Jim Thompson House, the former home of the man who revived the Thai silk trade. (The really interesting thing is that he went for a walk one day in Malaysia and never came back.) The home/museum is a lovely oasis in the middle of the city, and we loved walking barefoot on the smooth-as-silk floors (teak?) and enjoying the gardens and ponds.

Jim Thompson House










Whazzup? Fish in pond in Bangkok










Squirrel in the Spirit House, Bangkok














Afterwards, I enjoyed a massage and a cup of tea, then it was off to the airport to fly home. Click for more photos from Bangkok.

Thursday, my land shipment arrived, so I came home mid-afternoon to take the delivery and start unpacking. The house is really starting to look like a comfortable home: maintenance has hung all of our art and now the shelves are filled with books. The upstairs is still a bit of a mess, but it will come together soon enough. Flavie is certainly happy. And the geckos.

Flavie on her tree














One of our many houseguests










Friday night we watched an excellent Iranian movie, “A Separation” – some of the best acting I’ve seen and a wonderful multi-layered story.

Saturday was a vendor bazaar at work – lots and lots of vendors set up booths on the quad, so Michael and I spent time wandering around and checking things out. We had lunch on the Club patio where they had set up a buffet with burgers and BBQ chicken – it was actually a bit chilly and overcast (even some drizzle this morning). Very nice.

Tonight we went to a shrimp boil at Frank and Lita’s – these guys really know how to throw a party. We especially enjoyed the fire pit in the yard. Afterwards, we stopped by another party on the way home – lots going on this weekend.


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