Noodle the Escape Artist

Last Wednesday evening, I came home from the grocery store carrying a big sheet cake to take to work the next day. It was the third trip from the car, carrying in groceries. I put everything up, then sat down to read emails and haveĀ a glass of wine. About 30 or 40 minutes later, I called Noodle so I could give him his nightly dose of Lasix (for his heart). I couldn’t find him. I looked everywhere – which in a small one-bedroom apartment doesn’t take too long. I even peeked in the fridge and the dishwasher. I went down the long hall of our building and checked around outside. No Noodle. I climbed the interior stairs, and found him sitting on the top flight of stairs, just sitting there. I don’t know if he was scared and just enjoying a little freedom, but it scared me to death! John has caught him sitting by door, just waiting for his next opportunity, the little scamp.

This week was pretty calm. We went out for Happy Hour with our group on Thursday night which was fun. Friday night we stayed home and grilled steaks and watched The Queen. John took me out for a nice dinner last night at Harry’s. Today is our day off which we spent in the usual way – laundry, grocery shopping and doing some cooking for the upcoming week. Yesterday was John’s last Saturday on the passport task force, lucky him! These 6-day weeks are long and really wear me out.

I was telling Mom last night that one of our favorite things working on passports is busting deadbeat dads. If they have over $2500 in outstanding child support payments, they can’t get a passport. It’s fun to put a stop to their application, especially when it’s accompanied by their new wife/girlfriend’s application and they are heading to the Bahamas for a fun-filled cruise.

The weather earlier this week was incredible – it actually got chilly for a few days, but now the heat and humidity are back.

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