It has begun

Thousands of runners

We saw thousands of runners going down Avenida Libertador alongside our apartment building this morning – it went on and on!

We received our air shipments on Friday afternoon, so we have a few more clothes, toiletries, and odds and ends. We never really inventory what we send in these shipments, so it’s always a surprise by the time it gets to us. I spent some time yesterday putting things away and will continue to do so today. We always put the espresso machine in the air shipment, so I was happy to have John’s great lattes again!

Lea came by yesterday for a visit after her yoga class – we enjoyed yakking for a couple of hours and solving all the world’s problems :-).

Last Sunday, John and I walked a few blocks over to the Recoleta Cemetery. We didn’t go inside, but wandered through the artesian stalls outside it and stopped for lunch at an outside cafe. Monday was a local holiday, and our colleague Rachel had us and Lea over for brunch. Lea’s and Rachel’s kids played while we had mimosas and waffles – not a bad way to spend a morning! Friday night the DCM had us over for dinner with two Canadian diplomats who are her neighbors – it was an enjoyable casual dinner and nice to get to know some new folks. We were happy to be invited.

John and I went to a couple of restaurants this week that we liked, including a Japanese place last night. Our housekeeper Pilar started with us mid-week and she cooked good healthy meals for us two nights. For now she’s living with us and going home for the weekends.

I read a good book this week, “Disrupted,” by Dan Lyons about a middle-aged man going to work for a start-up in Silicon Valley – pretty funny and alarming at the same time.

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