Good news!

We were elated that John was promoted this week! Promotions come out annually, and you just never know who the boards are going to reward. He’s done great work, and the promotion was well deserved! The announcement came out on Friday before the three-day weekend, so we have ample time to celebrate! We went to one of his old haunts, Cabanas las Lilas, Saturday night, down by the port – it’s old school and we enjoyed excellent steaks and a bottle of wine.

Today we walked down to Recoleta and bought tickets for the Yellow Bus, one of the “hop on, hop off” busses – while we didn’t hop, we enjoyed the open air ride around the city. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we saw some parts of town we want to go back to.

John had lunch with two of his former co-workers from pre-Foreign Service, Martin and Hernan. They had a blast catching up.

The government of Argentina called for an emergency holiday on Friday; John and I scrambled trying to get the word out on the embassy closure while getting still into work. Lea and I were in the office but took the opportunity to go out for a nice lunch together – I enjoyed the quiet day to get some stuff done.

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