Enough with the heat!


The heat wave here continues! No bike riding for us this weekend as temps have hit the high 90s. I did get in a ride early last Sunday, then met Lea for lunch at a coffee shop in the early afternoon.

Work seemed busier than usual this week – it’s the time of year when lots of reports, employee evaluations, and award nominations are due on top of our regular duties. The consular section hosted a consular corps reception at Bosch Palace Friday afternoon that was a nice break; our consular colleagues from other missions are fun and interesting, and it was nice to get to know them.

John and I watch the fun (but violent at times) Bollywood movie, “RRR” – really fun (one of the songs is nominated for an Oscar). We’re continuing to watch the excellent “Shrinking” and “The Liaison,” plus we started the Korean series, “Little Women” last night. I finished reading “The Secrets of Happiness” (meh) and have started Joan Didion’s collection of essays, “Slouching toward Bethlehem.”

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