Four-day week

Otto Wulff Building

There is such gorgeous architecture in Buenos Aires, including the amazing Otto Wulff building. I love the huge vultures on top of the building, along with its two cupolas that are said to represent Hungary and Austria.

Monday was a local holiday, so Lea and I met for lunch in Recoleta. I poked my head in the mall on the way home, the resumed my spot on the sofa to read. Flavia had her sonogram on Tuesday (no major changes since last November, still some inflammation in intestines) and I had a haircut on Thursday. Lea and I took lunchtime walks a couple of days this week – beautiful weather, chilly and sunny.

Lea and I had hair appointments in San Telmo at the same time and salon yesterday, so we went for sushi afterward at a little place inside the Japanese Club. I drove to Villa Crespo afterward to look at leather bags at Nimes, then walked around the neighborhood a bit.

John and I watched “You Hurt My Feelings” and really enjoyed it. The cast was great and the writing was very funny and good – Jeannie Berlin’s scenes were amazing.

Here are a few more photos of the Otto Wulff building, plus a couple of shots I took on the drive home.

Can you see the amazing vulture?!
Lovely graffiti
The obelisk

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