My happy place

Alison always has a knack for making my homecoming fun – this time with wine, fun flowers and a yoga skeleton! I arrived Sunday in the early afternoon after transiting Houston and was happy to wake up to this today:

Karen’s gentle yoga class this morning revived me and stretched out all the kinks from travel. Just what I needed.

The week leading up to my departure were hectic. Lydia and Cesar came for coffee last Sunday morning – so fun to catch up with them. Yoga on Wednesday, a couple of lunchtime walks in the park with Lea. Friday was an admin day at the office, a welcome break from the steady stream of visa applicants – and it gave me some time to clear my desk in preparation for vacation. The annual promotion lists came out Friday, as well. John and I were not “up” for promotion this year, so we didn’t have any skin in the game. While I’m happy for most folks on the list, I was sad to see some names I know were truly deserving to be omitted.

John and I watched “Who is Erin Carter,” which was pretty fun. I finished “Fleishman is in Trouble” last week, and just finished “Vladimir” – it’s kind of a wild premise but, boy, did I love the writing. It’s been hard to pick up the non-fiction books waiting in my library queue after “Vlad” but I started on “Outlive.” And to get into trash TV vacation mode, I watched a documentary about the Depp-Heard trial. I mostly just thought Johnny Depp needed a better tailor and a good hair-washing. He’s 60 now – who knew?

My biggest worry about leaving is Flavia, but am glad that Pilar will be there with her. She is only eating chicken now, and has Pilar cooking for her (spoiled much?). I say if you can make it to her age (19!), you can have whatever you want. I love that little cat.

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