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Friends make it easier

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Party glasses from Amy

My week was punctuated with visits from good friends. Thursday after work, Tammy, Amy, and Pam came over loaded with fun gifts and flowers. It was a tonic to sit and laugh with them and listen to them tell stories.

Our good friend Scott from Pakistan days came on Friday afternoon, and again yesterday for a long visit. We had a great time – yakking, gossiping, and laughing. John was happy to get in a board game with him, too! It didn’t feel at all like six years had gone by!

With the fabulous Scott B.

John went to the Kennedy Center yesterday afternoon to see “The Band’s Visit,” the wonderful musical we saw in NYC before Christmas last year. He came home singing, and we turned up the volume on the soundtrack for a while. What a great show!

John’s in class at FSI this week and next, so one of the housekeepers from the building is wheeling me to therapy and back in the afternoons. I actually made some progress bending my knee on Thursday!

I’ve been watching Season 2 of “Big Little Lies,” and John and I finished “The Black Zone,” a well-made, kind of creepy French series. We watched “The Upside” last night (with Bryan Cranston) – a good story. I’m reading “The Secretary,” a book from library John picked up for me.

Gorgeous pink roses from Pam

Tulips from Scott

Wash rinse repeat

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

From Nick and Wendy

The days are pretty much the same, but I had several visitors this week to add some welcome breaks – what a treat! Caroline came by last Sunday morning for coffee and brought a delicious clafoutis; Nomi spent the afternoon with me Friday; and Rick and Claire came for lunch yesterday. So nice to see folks. And they brought pretty flowers, too! Wendy and Nick also sent a gorgeous bouquet – I love having them to look at. The woman who does my nails also made a house call for me – I feel like a new woman!

Thursday was a holiday, and it was nice to have John home all day. The fireworks were right outside our window – so pretty.

I finished “The Bookmaker’s Daughter,” a beautifully written book about growing up in Hot Springs during its gambling hay days. I also read “Becoming,” Michelle Obama’s biography a week or two ago (it made me like her – I didn’t know much about her before).