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Short week

Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Thanks to a U.S. and a local holiday back-to-back, we had a four-day weekend which was great! Last Monday we went to a small going-away get-together with Patrick, Jess, and baby Logan. We visited with Jamie and Kat and I got Logan to sleep for a bit. Tuesday I met Lea for lunch at a Spanish place, then we went shopping at a leather jacket store – fun. Later we met up again for happy hour with Kat at La Cotidiana.

Work was busy and stressful this week – lots to jam into three days. I was glad for Thursday’s yoga class after work with some co-workers – we’re using the consular waiting room so it’s very convenient!

I met Lea for lunch yesterday at a good Peruvian restaurant and we briefly shopped at another leather store – thanks to its proximity to high-end hotels, the prices were easily double what we looked at last weekend.

Today we walked to La Carniceria for what’s probably our last get-together with Jamie, Kat, and Toby Ravetz – we’ve really enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with them during this tour! Jamie had been telling us this restaurant is his favorite parrilla here, and it didn’t disappoint!

Jamie and John in front of a meat fridge at La Carniceria

Friday was the 8th anniversary of Mom’s death – hard to believe. I’m reading “Unbroken,” a fascinating story of a WW2 survivor and Olympic runner – it’s engrossing. He was born in the same decade as Mom – truly part of the Greatest Generation.

Happy anniversary!

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

My in-laws Pete and Ginger celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary yesterday – happy anniversary! We had a nice chat with them.

Pretty sunset from kitchen window

My boss was out this week so I covered some extra meetings and issues – it made for a busy week. John and I laid low this weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We ventured out a bit on Saturday – lunch at the parrilla around the corner from us (pretty good and very convenient), then later we walked up to the park to see the dogs for adoption. This gorgeous galgo (AKA Spanish greyhound) was hanging out with us, then decided he needed to get under my legs and lift my feet off the ground (I look a bit like Edith Ann in this photo). He’s a bit too big for us and they are known to like to chase small animals (i.e., cats), so he’s not the doggo for us, but he was really beautiful and so calm and sweet!

I finished reading “The Maid” today then had a video chat with Ann, Pam, and Jackie. Saturday night, we finished the 16th and final episode of “Crash Landing on You,” the Korean series we’ve been watching for a while – it was just so much fun and such a sweet, sweet show – watch it!

Jimmi in BA!

Sunday, June 11th, 2023
John and Jimmi

We were happy to have our good A-100 friend Jimmi come visit Buenos Aires, along with her brother Shelby and friend Drew. The photo above was taken a couple of hours outside of BA at Estancia Ombu – they did a day trip out there on Wednesday.

Drew and John saddle up!

The five of us went to El Aljibe for a good dinner and tango show Tuesday night and we went out to dinner again on Thursday with Kat at Cabanas Las Lilas. The travelers stayed at our apartment Thursday evening until time to leave for their red-eye flight back to Ecuador where Jimmi lives.

With John, Jimmi, and Kat

Friday night we were relaxing and having a good time at home when I noticed we had a visitor:

Ever feel like someone’s watching you?

Yep, it was a free-tailed bat on the A/C vent above our heads! We think he flew in through a window we had cracked to let some fresh air in. John was an absolute hero – he got up on a step-ladder and gently got him into a trash bag, then released him on the balcony where the little fellow flew away! We’re now being more careful about closing windows when the sun goes down!

I had a hair appointment on Saturday and went to lunch with Lea today at Anafe (good small plates). We loaned my Honda to friends for a few weeks, so I have been learning to navigate the very large 4Runner in and out of the garage (through what I call the “death spiral”). I scraped the side of the truck on the post in our parking space on the first morning just trying to get it out – as John says, I was predisastered. My stomach lurches every time I get behind the wheel, but after that first morning, I’m doing OK (just OK, still scared!).

John emcee’d a town hall at the embassy this week – I dialed in via Zoom:

Looking good, Mr. C!

I love the older buildings and doors in BA – I came across this grand dame this week:

I finished reading “Spring Chicken” this week (exercise is probably your best bet to age well), and just started “The Maid.” I tried to read “Quietly Hostile,” by a comedian that’s been getting a lot of good reviews, but it was a bit too raunchy for me so I put it down. Life’s too short for a bad book! We watched “The Heist of the Century,” a good Argentine film about a real bank robbery here – we drove by the site the other day where the bank was (before it was razed) – a pretty incredible story! And we continue to enjoy the Korean series, “Crash Landing into You.”


Sunday, June 4th, 2023

An embassy group went to La Boca yesterday to tour the Fabrica Colon, where the sets for the plays and operas at the world famous Teatro Colon are built and stored. It was fun to see some of the sets and costumes used in different plays, like these giant figures used in “Turandot” — and guess what! They are made of styrofoam! Afterward we strolled a bit in La Boca although it was very crowded, so it was difficult to see the famous painted buildings.

Today we went with our Argentine friends Martin and Rosario to tour the Teatro Colon — the perfect thing to do after touring the workshop yesterday! It’s so beautiful, and we enjoyed seeing M & R and having lunch with them beforehand. Martin was a great tour guide and drove us around a bit downtown, as well.

Teatro Colon

The work week was hectic – we had a holiday last Monday, which was great, but then you have to pack five days of work into four! On the holiday, John went to a tailor while I walked over to Recoleta a bit. Later in the day we visited with Patrick and Jessica, and I got to rock baby Logan to sleep – what a cutie. Tuesday I got to see an old friend Brock, who was in town with DHS for meetings; we worked together in Pakistan. Wednesday there was an embassy happy hour after work at a local bar next to the racetrack and Thursday was yoga. Lea returned from her classes in DC this week, so we had a yummy brunch at Marti again; at the end of the day, I got a haircut and walked a bit of the way home. A busy week!

Sadly we watched the finales of “Succession” and “Ted Lasso” – we sure enjoyed the shows and hate to see them end. We’re continuing with the very charming Korean series “Crash Landing into You.” I read “When Breath becomes Air” and finished “Candide” – I’m starting “Spring Chicken” (about aging). Last night we watched the very silly and campy “Cocaine Bear” – not sure I would recommend it but we sure did laugh!

A few more photos from the Fabrica:

Really big set pieces made of styrofoam!
Queen for the day! They encouraged us to touch the sets!