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Back in the office

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

John watching a storm roll in last week

After a COVID test first thing Monday morning, we were cleared to return to the office. It seemed strange to be up and dressed after five weeks! The week flew by as we got back into the groove.

Matthew and Ana brought their kids over yesterday to watch “Godzilla vs Kong.” Ana brought a platter of amazing Indonesian food – not only was it delicious but she had decorated it with banana leaves, so it was lovely to look at, too.

John and I had a nice dinner on the balcony at Alyson and Rick’s last night – it was fun to catch up with them. They were on R&R right before us, so we hadn’t socialized since February. We’ll hate to see them go this summer.

We had at least one big storm this week – I’m glad to see rainy season again.

Cousin David keeping an eye on our condo! We miss it!


Sunday, April 18th, 2021

The return of rainy season

John and I teleworked from home this week as we abided by Post’s quarantine rules. It gave me time to go through the almost 2,000 emails and cables that were in my mailbox, plus do some work on our annual evaluations.

We watched a great limited series called “The Serpent” – highly recommend it (featuring a Dutch consular officer). We watched “Godzilla vs. Kong,” which was more fun that I thought it would be. We also started a new limited series based on a Stephen King story called “The Outsider.”

We had a big storm with rain on Thursday – looks like it’s about time for rainy season to start again!


Too soon!

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

A lovely four-week R&R was over in the wink of an eye! We left Hot Springs early on Saturday and arrived back in Monrovia at 9PM the following day. I forgot to blog!

Our last week in HS was great! My cousin Julie and her husband Scott came for coffee one morning (with great Mueler’s pastries).  John’s friend Russ came to spend a day; I shopped while they visited, then Russ’s wife Cathie came and we grilled delish steaks from Weldons. Thursday night, we went to Via Roma with David and Alison (yummy). We had another afternoon of coffee and yakking with D&A on Friday.

We were able to tour the Arkansas Passport Center one day, as well. We had an informal session with employees where John and I talked about life in the foreign service, then we got a tour of the facility. Such nice folks!

Our last night in town, Sarge and Miller from high school days came over for pizza on the balcony – what a treat to see them!

The trip home was long with stressful moments but we made it! Now we’re teleworking as we quarantine. What a great vacation!

Good times

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Why I love my husband: when I text him from a thrift store

I’ve been having so much fun that I forgot to blog yesterday! Time slips away.

Three of my favorite people in the world came to visit last Sunday: Ann, Pamela, and Jackie. We spent the afternoon on the balcony yakking away for hours.

Later in the week, Jonathan H. (up from New Orleans) came for coffee and a quick breakfast on his way to take his dad to Easter service. This weekend, Kelly H. from Seattle was in town and spent the day with us (the last time I saw her I was in a wheelchair in the hospital in Seattle!). John’s good friend Russ has been over a couple of times, as well. I’ve had several afternoon coffees with David and Alison (how fun to be able to just stroll over to their place!). And this morning, Chuck D. spent the morning with us drinking coffee and reading to us from his latest book. How wonderful and recuperative to see friends!

Ann with Pebbles


With Ann, Jackie, and Pamela