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We have arrived

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

So, after five years of taking the Foreign Service exam, we have finally arrived in Falls Church to our new temporary home. John, the two cats and I drove out this past Wednesday and checked into our new temporary digs on Thursday. On Saturday, we were both diagnosed with strep throat, so we are taking it easy this weekend and trying to get well before class starts on Monday.

Our first packout was interesting. The packers packed on Friday and Monday. During that time, John had two River City Men’s Chorus concerts (wonderful!). On Tuesday, our huge moving van got stuck on a hill in our neighborhood and almost slid into a house – yikes! The guys were great, though, and got us loaded into the van as scheduled that day, despite a 5 hour setback.

The cats did great on the drive out. Noodle found a spot in the backseat floorboard and slept the whole way. Flavia was tranquilized and also slept. She did a fun disappearing act the morning we departed – we have no idea where she hid for 45 minutes, because the house was totally empty.

It was weird to drive away from the empty house on Saddle Hill!